Welcome to the Junction!

Within the district, patrons twenty-one and older will be able to purchase an alcoholic beverage from a participating restaurant or bar and carry and consume it outdoors on sidewalks and in public parks such as Sibley Square Park, Wixom Fountain Area, and West End Commons Area. The Social District is open seven days a week from Noon to 10:00 PM. Currently, you can purchase an alcoholic beverage to take into the Social District at the following establishments who have received Social District permits:

Drafting Table Brewing Company – 49438 Pontiac Trail
Wixom Station – 49115 Pontiac Trail
El Camino Real 49342 Pontiac Trail

Thank you to Schonsheck, INC for their generosity and sponsorship toward the purchase of the Junction cups.

To enjoy the Junction

  • Drinks must be purchased at a participating business that has  a Social District Permit issued through the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.
  • Look for participating establishment signs.
  • Drinks must be served in a designated Social District cup.
  • When ordering an alcoholic beverage to take into the district, please specify that you are taking your drink to enjoy in the district.
  • Please help keep Downtown Wixom clean by disposing of your cup properly. Each cup is a one-time use.
  • All State of Michigan and City of Wixom laws apply, including those prohibiting public intoxication, impaired driving, and serving alcohol to minors.

Do not take your drink:

  • Into an indoor or outdoor dining area of a restaurant or bar where didn’t purchase it.
  • Into a food business that doesn’t have a liquor license.
  • Outside of the designated Junction boundaries.

Frequently Asked Questions