Volunteering to help shape Downtown Wixom

Instantly when my family built our home in Wixom a little over four years ago, we could see a lot going on with activities and new businesses opening.  Everywhere I looked I would see a new house being built, a business opening, or a family-friendly activity being offered.  At one of the Summer Concerts, I saw the Wixom Downtown Development Authority (DDA) tent and went over to them to get more information. I learned so much in that short amount of time about the DDA and all they do and offer the community, such as fun (and free) events and how I could volunteer with them.

After completing the volunteer form, the DDA director reached out to me right away to come to have a chat with her to explain all the different ways to become involved. There were four committees to join, Promotions, Economic Vitality, Organization, and Design, all with different areas of focus but shared common goals to help, develop, maintain, and shape the downtown.  I signed up for the Promotions Committee as I love to plan events, and saw it as a fun way to use my talents and help shape events in the community in which I live.

Since joining the Promotions Committee, I have helped plan and organize Derby Day, Downtown Block Party, Sip N Strolls, and Candy Cane Lane, along with creating our new Spooktacular Treat Hunt event!  We meet twice per month to discuss ideas to help impact downtown businesses and help execute amazing activities for people of all ages. Volunteering in this capacity lead me to be appointed to the DDA Board of Directors.

Being on the DDA Board allows me to have a voice in where the taxpayer money is used and reinvested back into Downtown Wixom. Being part of the decision-making process has been a wonderful opportunity to see how downtown will continue to develop and grow for years to come. The work that the DDA Board and committees are doing will help in the development of new buildings, public gathering spaces, and events that will support the current businesses, attract new ones, and continue to make this area thrive. 

I have been a board member for a year now and have met incredible people – all with the same passion to help make Downtown Wixom a place for all to experience. I love being a part of such a great group of people who are giving their time to helping small businesses flourish, developing a downtown for our growing community, and one that will attract visitors. Downtown Wixom is community-centric and small-business-powered; I encourage you to come to be a part of it.